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About Me

Hey the name is Joe and this is my page, as you read before I am an Graphic artist,
I have been working as a freelance artist for well over ten years , but have been drawing
since i could hold a pencil. Born and raised here in the old west Texas town of El Paso,
I was born in a time that was a great influence for many, great ideas were born as well
in music , movies , fashion , and my favorite... toys.Born in 1977 i was lucky to grow up through
the last of the 70s and through out the 80's, which i say was one of the reasons i became an artist.
With movies such as Ghostbusters ,the last starfighter, Monster Squad, Star Wars trilogy,
and all those cheesy but addicting horror movies, I couldnt wait to go home after seeing those movies
to start drawing all those cool scenes that i fell in love with, Even to this day when i see a cool movie
i cant wait to go home and start a new page in my sketch book. Saturday mornings were my best influence
getting up early to watch all those great cartoons, that sadly dissapeared through the years,
I would draw as i watched cartoons trying to copy the charachters as i saw them on the tube.

But now im all grown up and still watching cartoons, ( for reference... yeah) When not working
on any artwork.Ive worked for several local screenprinting, and sign shops as a contracted artist.
My art does not limit to just pencil and pen on paper, I can work with many different types of media,
including airbrush,and watercolor. In the past couple years i have also been working with plastics and resins,
useing them to construct copies of props used in movies . I enjoy making these props for myself,
and dont sell any of them , but if there is a prop that you are interested in ,I will have pictures of them
in step by step order so you can use as reference in constructing your own.

Another pastime of mine is collecting toys,Everything that i had as kid ,is once again in my possesion,
well almost everything. With almost 16 years of collecting , i have a very large collection of toys,posters,
artbooks and collectables. Including most of my Vintage Star Wars toys,that i had as a kid along with the rescent series that
came out not to long ago.Transformers,Marvel,TMNT, and Spawn are also a part of this monster that is my collection,
and like the props that i make its not for sale unless im needy for cash. As an artist i often buy artbook by
numerous artist including Drew Streusand,Dave Johnson ,and phantastic .I use these as reference, and sometimes
just to get the ol' brain working.


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